Miniature Diplomas

Produced for local businesses as gifts to graduates

Miniature diplomas are produced for local businesses and financial institutions. These sponsors present the laminated, pocket-sized diplomas as a gift to each graduating student.


Support the Graduates

This program offers an inexpensive form of direct advertising for your company. Located on the back of the miniature diploma is your advertising information and best wishes at the fingertips of each graduating student. This award generates goodwill for the sponsoring business.

It has been a privilege to work with your company over the years, and I know that the bank appreciates all that you have done to help us with the distribution of these mementos for our graduating seniors.
— Charleen B. Carthage, TX

General Information

Miniature diplomas are 2 1/4′′ X 3 1/4′′ printed on white paper in black ink, or color if you choose. A sturdy 7 mil clear gloss laminate is used with a sealed edge to provide a long-lasting life. In addition, we offer congratulation cards and envelopes for an enhanced presentation of the miniature diplomas.

Gall Laminating has over 500 participating sponsors that provide over 600 schools and colleges with this gift. We have continued to serve our customers with integrity and honesty for over 50 years of offering this program. Because we are committed to exceptional service, each miniature diploma is individually created, handled with care, and carefully checked.

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Email Attachments

1. Error free list of Graduates - Please EMAIL as an editable WORD or EXCEL file to
2. Any Signature changes on the front of this years diploma. Please send signatures in BLACK INK on BLANK WHITE PAPER with the TITLES LISTED.
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The students LOVE these miniature diplomas. I am happy that we can do this for them.
— Sandra, Bank of The Rockies