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Bind your books and presentations here at Gall Laminating.  No job is too big or small with our mix of automated and hand operated machines.


Perfect Binding: 
Books, Booklets, Magazines, and Catalogs

Great for small quantity perfect binding runs. Our C.P. Bourg can handle books as small as 4" x 4" or as large as 15" x 12" and up to 2.25" thick. 

• Covers
- Should be sent on oversized press sheet
- We prefer to do the pre-trim on covers
- Oils and inks MUST be knocked out on spine up to the hinge score
- 1 sided lamination - good for digital sheets
- Digitally printed covers with heavy ink coverage will crack on the spine. 1.5 mils nylon film on 1 side will fix
• Text
- Pre-trimmed book blocks:
* 1/16” extra on spine
* 1/8” extra on head, foot, and face
• Specs
- Minimum book = 4 x 4
- Maximum book = 12 x 15
- Minimum book thickness = 1mm (approx. 5 leaves)
- Maximum book thickness = 2.25”


Plastic Coil (Spiral): 
Cookbooks, Menus, Atlases, and Travel Guides

More cost effective than twin-loop
• Comes in over 40 standard colors
• Allows books to layflat when opened
• Hole spacing = 4:1
• Can accommodate books up to 2” thick
• Consider an extended seal on laminated sheets


Twin-Loop (Wire-O): 
Professional Documents, Legal Reports, Manuals

Made from metal instead of plastic
• Various colors available
• Extra strong
• Hole spacing = 3:1 or 2:1 for thicker books
• Polished look


Saddle Stitching: 
School Programs, Small Booklets, and Short Manuals

  • We do a final face trim for a clean cut

  • Stitching can be done in the top corner or along the spine


Other Info:

  • Consider adding custom tabbing to coil or twin-loop books

  • Don't forget to add lamination for extra durability

  • Scoring and folding services can also be added

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