Tab Dividers

The perfect finish for binders, notebooks, and much more! 

Help your customers get organized and finish off their printed materials. With various tab sizes, shapes, and reinforcing colors to choose from, there are lots of options that will work for your project.


Tabbing Cutting

• Standard
- 9 x 11 sheet; 1/2” ski slope shape; bank of 2 up to a bank of 15; cover stock sheets
• Upgraded Options
- Slant, square cut, or step tabs
- Full laminated sheets
- 1/4”, 3/8”, or 5/8” tab heights
• Machine Specs
- Minimum sheet size = 5” x 5.5” & maximum sheet size = 14” x 19”
- Text weight sheets are marked up
• Consider pre-cut tabs on 90# or 110# index


Tab Reinforcing (Mylar Reinforcing)

• Occurs at the same time as tab cutting
• Comes in clear or colored options
• Options for toner receptive (printable) or superstick adhesive tape


Spine Reinforcing

• Standard 9/16” Tape or 3/4” Tape
• Machine fed tape does NOT go to edge of sheet
• If customer needs sheets kept in order, sheets should be sent in reverse collated order



• 1/8”, 3/16”, *1/4”, *5/16” (standard), or 3/8” hole options
• Drilled on drill press
• Slot punch also available - good for name tags


• Tabs are cut by position
• We can collate after tabbing